What’s the main problem in the organization? Identifying the field problem before it’s getting bigger.
And what’s harder than that? Keeping track on its solving progress.

Many organizations are struggling with identifying issues on the field as well as mapping their internal data to support decision making. Although each of them has their own problem, general issues such as safety, environmental or health can increase due to the ineffectiveness of reaching out to that information correctly and quickly.

QlueWork simplifies the progress so you can focus on the action plan.

Identify issues on the field by having team member snaps a report in order for you to monitor in real-time based on location, status, photo/video and timeframe while having a separate team to acknowledge the issues based on category.

Having a tool to monitor and analyze issues on the field based on the status report, location, category, staff ranking and time frame.

It’s empowered by big data, complex algorithm ranking, seamless data integration and comprehensive chat system

Check the impact of the problem by visualizing Twitter, Facebook, and 500 .com online media nationwide to our platform. Get the latest news or analyze media trends in the future in order to predict for better decision making. Analytic is based on sentiment, location, popularity and more.

Integrate CCTV feed to your dashboard seamlessly and easily without any coding effort. Enjoy capabilities for Vehicle Counting and Classification, Crowd Counting Analysis, License Plate Recognition and Facial Recognition capabilities.