Qlue MyCity

Qlue My City is a set of mobile application (Qlue app, click here to download) and integrated dashboard (MyCity), make it a combo to better the city by involving the citizen’s voices to the¬†government.

Qlue is a social reporting app that lets you connect with your government officials as well as to improve its condition. We work together with government to allow citizens to report problems in real-time and gives the government the ability to monitor officials and to address the problems.

MyCity is a powerful platform that integrates multiple data source to be visualized for city leaders for analysis purposes and significantly improves the ability to take important decisions based on data.

Our maps visualization system allows you to seamlessly add the layer from any API format. Simplicity is key in this mode and we will ensure without our help or any hard-coding session, you will be able to integrate any layer on the map easily. Add as many as layers as possible with any type of design and customization you want.


Smart Governance Dashboard
Dashboard for reporting analysis based on citizen complains and postings from the Qlue application. This module is available for you to analyze reports accurately and effectively using multiple comprehensive analysis charts and graphics systems.


Smart Environment
Connected to air sensors that you have in the cities we will show air pollution indicators in order for you to determine most polluted area. The analytic will give hour by hour report for predictive analysis purposes. We can also connect other sensors such as smart light, water sensors, and others. Qlue is a partner of Greenpeace to provide air pollution detector devices.


Smart Mobility
Utilising already existing CCTV feeds around the city via plug-n-play module. MyCity will provide summary numbers based on the total of assets, status as well as traffic conditions using our latest computer vision technology for vehicle counting and classification. Historical analytic is also available for you to drill down into detail on whether a traffic condition is worse or improving. The result will then provide you with an effective and accurate solution.


Smart Media Analysis
We have classified latest updates from multiple social media and over five hundred online media to serve the information for you. Everything is based on topics, popularity and sentiment analysis. Every update is searchable based on your local area and even into neighborhood area. Smart Media analysis will also be available in order for you to see and predict based on trends.


Smart Safety
Finding a car or person is never been this easy. Utilising a plug-n-play module to existing CCTVs, this feature allows you to search for person or car when needed — everything is powered by our latest License Plate Recognition and Facial Recognition. The map also connected to Qlue Safe, an application to send SOS panic button distress signal to nearby officers. Qlue has implemented this system on the National Police Force, and it is now available for YOU!